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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sweetie Saturday: One Free Copy of the Natural Mom Business Guide

This week is Double Sweetie Saturday and the first is a giveaway from Carrie Lauth, a.k.a the Natural Mama. Carrie has offered up a copy of her Natural Mom Business Guide to one lucky Sweetie.

The Natural Mom Business Guide is a complete tutorial for moms who want to turn their passion for natural life into a living on online. The winner will receive an ebook, instructional audios and videos and printable cheat sheets. To learn more about the guide and what all is included click here.

Here are the rules for this week’s Sweetie Saturday giveaway:

1. Head over and have a look at the Natural Mom Business Guide to find out more. Your natural lifestyle just might be a great way to work from home and you’ll find out everything you need to get started and make it successful with this package.

2. In the comments section below, post 150-400 words letting me know “How you would use your natural way of life to create an online business."

3. All entries must be received no later than Sunday, October 21 at 11:37 AMPST. – See what time it is right now in the PST zone.

4. I’ll announce the lucky winner either Sunday or Monday right here on the blog.

Feel free to send anyone you know who would be interested in turning their natural lifestyle into an online business to this post.

If you’ve got a product or service you’d like to have featured as a Sweetie Saturday offer, click here to submit it.


Blogger PraysHymn said...

What a great idea! My husband and I are in the process of creating a business/website born out of our natural lifestyle. It just occurred to me about 2 weeks ago that we are passionate about books...we have almost 3000 in our personal library and we are just getting started in the ebook arena. We plan to write reviews and offer books on our site. I don't want to explain the whole idea on the internet until our site is up and running, but we will have categories that cover all aspects of life and will be sharing insights we've gained through experience and study and raising 4 children. Our main goal will be to offer as many ebooks as we can, and for others offer links to site that we've affiliated with. For all others, well, we want to share information and make a difference and if we cannot make income on a referral, we're still going to include resources we think are the best. Thank you for letting us know about this guide! Patience

12:27 PM  
Blogger PraysHymn said... so excited about the books, I forgot to mention that, yes, we homeschool our four children, and breastfeeding, cloth diapers and natural products are all a part of our lives! We love the self-teaching concept and plan to spread the news with our new family website/business!

12:43 PM  
Anonymous Kendra said...

For the past year and a half I have been working on my website Shopping for Two (, which is a site for new and expecting moms. It focuses on shopping and advise, but I've been struggling with it because it just doesn't feel quite like *me*. I'm not all about shopping. In fact I try and parent my two boys as naturally as possible which means shopping as little as possible. I want to refocus my parenting site on a more natural spin and I think this guide would really help me focus not only on making it more naturally focused, but also to help me make and income from the site (which is meager at this point).

I parent my boys naturally by extended breastfeeding, babywearing (, cloth diapering (, and making their own food which usually involves even growing it ( Yes, we are a little crazy natural over here!

I've been a silent follower of both you Alice and of Carrie for the past three years or so, ever since the birth of my first son Jack. I'd love for you to pick me. I would certainly put the guide to use!

Have a good weekend!

6:40 PM  
Blogger nicola said...

What a sweet idea :)

For the past eight years my passion has been birth and natural parenting. As a certified doula, I have had the opportunity to share this passion with mothers through childbirth preparation, birth and the first weeks post-partum.

Having chosen to stay home with my children, I am unable to attend enough births to earn a living. I recently began doing more post-partum work since I can at least schedule my hours. While I truly love my work, I am still quite short of earning a living since I only have a few hours in the evening that I can actually get away from home in order to work.

Consequently, I have decided the only answer is for me to find a way to work from home online. What I have been trying to figure out is how to translate my passion for helping new mothers into an online business. Initially I thought I would open an online store, offering products related to birth and babies. I quickly realized this is a market that is over done. There are already some online stores run by doulas!

Sadly, but excitingly for me, the more involved I became in post-partum work, the more I realized there is a severe lack of support for new mothers. The desperate mother who needs help now whether it be for breastfeeding, a crying baby or feelings of isolation has very few places to turn to, especially at 3 am when things can be at their toughest.

With my background and experience in all areas of natural parenting from breastfeeding and cloth-diapering to baby soothing and babywearing, and access to all kinds of experts in my field, I have started gathering content aimed at preparing an exhaustive resource for the new mother in those sometimes desperate early days of parenting.

It is now that I find myself in great need of an expert! From choosing an internet business model to creating a website that is “sticky” I too am a desperate mom! I need a mentor who can show me the why and the how-to of website building, getting traffic, email list building, how to make money (!?) etc., and how this all can be done with 3 children under foot!



8:29 PM  
Anonymous Alice Seba said...

Thanks to everyone who entered...winner is announced here.

11:51 AM  

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